Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Quincy Ave & Smokey Hill Rd Review

Intersection Improvement Study Alternatives Available for Review
Public Meeting March 3rd

The City of Aurora is conducting an intersection improvement study focused on evaluating and recommending operational improvements to the Parker Road and Smoky Hill intersections along Quincy Avenue. The goals of transportation improvements recommended by this study are to reduce congestion and improve operations and safety. The study will identify relatively low-cost improvements that may be implemented in the near term.

Using community input received surrounding the study’s first public meeting in October 2015, more than 20 alternatives were developed and evaluated. The alternatives evaluation completed to date will be presented at a public meeting on March 3, 2016 at Shalom Park Retirement Community, 14800 E. Belleview Drive, Aurora. The meeting will be held in an open house format from 4:306:30 PM. There will be no formal presentation.

Input gathered at this meeting will be used to shape the study recommendations. The project team looks forward to your input!

For more project information, or to submit a comment, please visit the project web page:

Leah Langerman | Public Involvement Coordinator
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