Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Water Conservation

Hello Morning Mesa Community!

As you know, this Community Association also pays for water for all units at a cost of $42K per year.  An average of $1K per unit.

Aurora Water Conservation Staff can help all save water and save $$ on these water bills, therefore saving monies to your HOA dues. Here's how:

Indoor Water Assessments

Aurora Water has specialists that will help you detect leaks, pinpoint high water usage areas and give you the tools needed to conserve. Plus, they'll bring a bunch of cool freebies.

Toilet Rebates

If you replace your water-guzzling toilet, our $150 rebate will practically pay for your new Water_Sense ultra high efficiency (1.1 gallons per flush) model. Toilets from 1994 and before are eligible. Restrictions do apply, so check with Water Conservation Staff

Low Income Water Efficiency Program

Provides income-qualifying residents with free high-efficiency toilets, shower heads and aerators. Staff will provide a free indoor water assessment and make arrangements for everything to be installed for free.

Please reach out to Water Conservation below to have your interior unit reviewed to help all of us save some monies.